General terms and conditions

  1. Photography The photographer (contractor) will deliver the shots digitally edited, in the highest possible resolution in JPEG file format and without watermarks or similar. All data/photographs will be handed over within 25 days after the wedding.
  2. Usage Rights The bridal couple (client) is allowed to use the photos for private, non-commercial purposes and to share them. For commercial use of the photos (e.g., advertising), the written consent of the photographer is required. The copyright remains with the photographer. The photographer may use the photos as reference shots for self-promotion.
  3. Withdrawal and Cancellation by the Photographer (Contractor) The photographer (contractor) can only withdraw from the contract in case of force majeure (e.g., accident or illness). The contractor will do everything in their power to provide the bridal couple with an equivalent replacement. The wedding photographer will inform the clients as soon as possible about the failure. The bridal couple (client) waives any claims for damages or the assignment of any additional costs to the photographer in case of force majeure. Any down payment already received will be refunded by the photographer (contractor). Withdrawal and Cancellation by the Bridal Couple (Client) The client is informed that photos and photo works are subject to the artistic design scope of the photographer. Subsequent complaints are therefore excluded. Changes afterwards are to be remunerated separately. If the wedding cannot be carried out due to force majeure, the photographer (contractor) waives the payment of the agreed fee. Any down payment already made will not be refunded. Cancellation for other reasons is possible under the following conditions: Up to 90 days before the wedding date, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the order value will be charged. Up to 180 days before the wedding date, a cancellation fee amounting to 35% of the order value will be charged.
  4. Liability The bridal couple (client) is solely liable for personal and property damage during the wedding unless the damage is caused by gross negligence or intentional behavior of the photographer. The bridal couple (client) is liable for damage to the photographer’s equipment caused by guests before, after or during the event.
  5. Written Form Changes and additions to this contract require the written form. If any of the above regulations are completely or partially void, the agreement remains effective otherwise. In place of the ineffective regulation, either the legal provision or – in the absence of such a provision – a regulation that the parties would have permissibly made in good faith, had they been aware of the nullity, shall apply.
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